Britain's Ocean City

Located on the south coast of Devon, it is easy to see why Plymouth is known as Britain’s Ocean City. With its stunning waterfront and natural harbour, Plymouth has been the gateway to and from Britain for over a 1,000 years.

Exploration is at the heart of Plymouth; the Pilgrim Fathers set sail from this historic city in 1620, and it was the birthplace of world-renowned sea captain Sir Francis Drake.

Yet there is more to the city that its naval heritage. It is a lively, contemporary city with vibrant arts, events and a massive food scene. It's narrowed, cobbled streets now buzzing with boutique shops, restaurants, cafes and bars. 

The stunning harbour

Plymouth Lighthouse


The famous Art Deco pools

Plymouth - A Centre for Excellence

As well as its rich maritime history, Plymouth has a lot of offer investors. A city with a reputation as a centre of excellence for marine science and engineering, it also has two universities with Plymouth University one of the largest in the country and ranked amongst the top ten modern universities in the UK.

The City Council is pooling a variety of funding designed to enhance the city’s transport, employment prospects, and cultural identity. £183.6m will be spent this year alone, in order to provide 300 services for Plymouth residents, and the city has saved £65m over the last three years by a combination of partnerships and modernising.


Statistics that talk for this city

Don't take our word on how great Plymouth is. The figures certainly communicate the lucrative potential to be gained from the property market in such a great city

Planned capital investment by Plymouth City Council
new homes to be built by 2034
Students across 2 Universities

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Plymouth aims to grow its resident population to 300,000 by 2034

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