A historical city, Canterbury is one of Southern England's top attractions

A world-famous Cathedral city, Canterbury was once one of medieval Europe's great places of pilgrim and knowledge. The impressive Cathedral dominates the medieval streets within the city walls, where the cobbled alleyways, riverside gardens and Roman ruins are waiting to be explored.

Canterbury is so much more than it's rich historic past - it's a bustling, lively city that oozes student appeal and offers an eclectic mix of ancient and modern architecture, busy bookshops and comfy cafés, together with lively nightlife, art galleries and great shopping.                                                                

Canterbury Cathedral

Punting on the river Stour

Discover the rich history of Canterbury

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"Canterbury's past is as rich as it comes."

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The first city of learning

A thriving centre of learning and culture for almost 1,000 years, Canterbury is famous as the seat of learning and knowledge since Saint Augustine set up a school in the 6th Century. 

Fast forward to today, and Canterbury is still flourishing as a centre for education. With over 40,000 students across the cities four universities, and an abundance of history seeking tourists, the city has a distinctly European, cosmopolitan feel.

Just an hour from London, visitors and students alike, benefit from the best of both worlds - the draw of the bright lights of the capital, and the rich blend of modern and classical in Canterbury. 

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Don't take our word on how great the historical city of Canterbury is. The figures certainly communicate the lucrative potential to be gained from the property market in such a great city

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University Students
Increase in property prices since 2016
visitors to the region in 2016

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Canterbury's student population has doubled over the past 10 years - reaching an all time high of over 40,000

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